December 28, 2017

The Great American Sideshow Company

Step on up folks… You’re about to see an AMAZING collection of FREAKS, GEEKS, and STRANGE ODDITIES from around the country!

Come see the Human Blockhead, The Rubber-Boned Woman, the Human Blowtorch, and so much more! They’re all ALIVE on the INSIDE!

From the late 19th through mid 20th century, no visit to a circus, carnival, or oceanside boardwalk was complete without seeing a classic SIDESHOW…

The SIDESHOW was an eclectic collection of unique and unusual performers, oddities, and exhibits designed to entertain, amuse, and even educate a public thirsty for entertainment.

As the size of travelling circuses shrank, and live shows at carnivals were replaced by portable multi=million dollar thrill rides, the days of walking into a tent on a carnival or circus lot was beginning to become a distant memory, memorialized in iconic photographs, movies, and legend.

Detroit, Michigan based historian, magician, attorney, and empresario Keith Stickley was determined to help keep the tradition of the American Sideshow alive and well, entertaining a new generation of audience.

The Great American Sideshow Company produces and tours The Palace of Illusions 10-in-1 Sideshow, Gabora the Living Ape Girl, Coralia the Living Mermaid, and other associated sideshow attractions at fairs, festivals, circus’s, and even corporate events throughout the United States.