December 28, 2017

The Palace of Illusions 10-in-1 Sideshow

Step On Up & See The Sideshow!

Over 10 LIVE ACTS in 1 SHOW!

The Great American Sideshow Company is proud to present The Palace of Illusions Sideshow, an authentic historic sideshow recently restored and now touring the United States at fairs, festivals, and other special events.

Featuring a breathtaking hand painted 110′ long bannerline of vintage sideshow art draws massive crowds to see such amazing spectacles within such as The Human Blockhead, Miss Electra (the Electrified Woman), The Human Blow-Torch, Spidora The Living Spider Girl, Serpentina the Snake Lady, and so much more!





Originally conceived and built half a century ago by the late sideshow empresario Tim Dermer from Canton, Ohio; The Great American Sideshow Company has purchased and restored this magnificent attraction, bringing it to a new generation of audience who have likely only heard of circus sideshows from books and movies.

Guests who enter the massive tent set just behind the bannerline artwork are transported in time to another world where anything can happen – and usually does – featuring some of the most unique and strangest performers in the world. Featuring comedy, magic, and the most classic and outrageous sideshow stunts ever attempted, there truly is something for everyone in The Palace of Illusions. And the best part? It’s 100% entertaining and 100% family friendly.

The Palace of Illusions is the PERFECT attraction for your fair or festival. The authentic bannerline brightens up any midway or fairground and TURNS HEADS – often becoming a major draw and photo-op on its own. The show itself is totally self-contained, and includes all performers, equipment, and lodging; and is capable of running at set show times or running an all-day-long continuously operating show. It is also an ECONOMICAL way to entertain massive amounts of guests, as the large tent is capable of holding in excess of 250 people at any time.

To book The Palace of Illusions Sideshow at your fair or event, just fill out our Booking Information Request and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and pencil in your dates.