December 28, 2017

Gabora The Living Ape Girl – The Girl to Gorilla Show

Hands down, “Gabora the Living Ape Girl” (or Girl-to-Gorilla as it is also known by) is one of the most talked about attractions on the midway!

Guests enter Princess Gabora’s tent to see her, dressed beautifully as a jungle princess. She is placed in Dr. Wackenhut’s transformation chamber and is hypnotized… then incredibly thick hairy fur begins to appear – literally growing out of her skin before your very eyes! Muscles begin to develop, and her teeth turn into giant fangs! When the transformation is done, Princes Gabora is transformed into a 450lb crazy APE!

But OH NO! Something must be WRONG! Princess Gabora goes APE and literally TEARS through the STEEL BARS OF HER CAGE!

A sure fire laugh, startle, and amazing magical illusion. Often the audience goes running out of the tent SCREAMING with laughter!


Gabora’s show is a self-contained unit featuring a 50′ bannerline with gorgeous vintage artwork (fully illuminated at night), and sets up in a space 50′ long (frontage) 30′ deep. Set showtimes or a continuous grind (approx 4 shows per hour) are possible.

The “Gabora The Ape Girl” show is a genuine antique, and has been painstakingly restored by The Great American Sideshow Co. to have just as powerful effect on it’s audience today as it did nearly a half-century ago.

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