December 28, 2017

Coralia The Living Waterbaby – A LIVING MERMAID!

Everyone LOVES mermaids, and this is the closest thing you’ll
ever see to a real LIVE miniature one!

It’s CORALIA – The Living Water Baby! She’s a REAL LIVE GIRL who appears only 6″ tall swimming in a glass bowl full of water and fish!

Guests are drawn to Coralia’s tent by the classic circus sideshow banners and lights, ready to be taken away into the enchanted world of mermaids and mystery! After hearing a brief history of Coralia and description of what they are about to see, the classic carnival “barker” takes guests into her tent…

Guests see a 6 inch glass bowl of water filled with fish, and inside appears a REAL LIVE girl. It’s CORALIA! She can see you! You can see her! She can wave, smile, and even answer basic questions! She’s ALIVE! Not a movie or a picture, but a REAL LIVING GIRL! 

It’s vintage fair and sideshow fun appropriate for the entire family!

Coralia The Living Waterbaby attraction is self contained and takes up a 20′ long (frontage) by 15′ deep space.

This show has been featured at fairs all over Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana, as well as The Detroit Shrine Circus!

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We’d love the opportunity to share this amazing family-friendly attraction with you!