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Go to The Palace of Illusions Sideshow

The Palace of Illusions Sideshow

One of the last remaining 10-in-1 Circus Sideshows (Freak Show) left in the world. See the World’s Strangest People like Spidora the Spider Girl, The Master Magician, Miss Electra, Serpentina the Snake Woman, and so much more!

Go to Gabora The Living Ape Girl (Girl to Gorilla)

Gabora The Living Ape Girl (Girl to Gorilla)

Watch carefully as a BEAUTIFUL young woman is caged and visibly transforms into a 450lb GORILLA before your very eyes! You better hope she doesn’t break out of the cage!

Go to Coralia The Living Mermaid

Coralia The Living Mermaid

Have you ever seen a REAL LIVING MERMAID!? This is the closest you’ll ever get! Coralia the “Living Waterbaby” is a REAL LIVE GIRL who appears swimming in an 6″ fishbowl! She can see you, and you can even ask her questions!

Go to Assorted Sideshow Exhibits & Acts

Assorted Sideshow Exhibits & Acts

Are you look to hire some of the World’s STRANGEST Performers & Attractions for your event!? From Helga the Headless Woman, to Fire-Eaters, Jugglers, Magicians, and more… The Great American Sideshow Company can supply you from our Cornacopia of the Bizzare!

About The Great American Sidehow Co.

Preserving the American tradition of circus sideshow.

The Great American Sideshow Company was started near Detroit, Michigan in 2014 by attorney/historian/empresario Keith M. Stickley, Esq.

Stickley has long been fascinated by historical forms of entertainment, most notably genres with a strong connection to Americana. Before becoming and attorney and producer, he spent nearly a decade on the road performing a magic and comedy act throughout the world on cruise ships resorts, and corporate events.

Along with running a succesful law firm, Stickley decided to pursue his dream of helping keep the fading art of Sideshow alive by building, restoring, and touring sideshow attractions. 

The Great American Sideshow Company now tours its attractions throughout the country at fairs, festivals, carnivals, and even private and corporate events.

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